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Help with pBone Music Instruments


Want to keep your pBone looking pristine? Wondering how to stop sticking valves? Unsure about cleaning mouthpieces? We're here to help.

Find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about your instrument, check out our support videos, and grab your care cards for more information.

pTrumpet Care & Maintenance

pTrumpet FAQs

Check out some solutions for some common pTrumpet queries. pCornet player? These tips are for you too!

How do I stop pTrumpet/pCornet valves from sticking?

Should the pTrumpet/pCornet valves be lubricated?

How are the pTrumpet training caps installed?

How do I clean pInstrument mouthpieces?

How do I clean a pTrumpet?

pTrumpet hyTech Care & Maintenance

pTrumpet hyTech FAQs

Need help with your hyTech? You've come to the right place.

Do I need to oil the valves on pTrumpet hyTech?

What valve oil should I use for pTrumpet hyTech?

Should I grease the tuning slides on pTrumpet hyTech?

How do I clean the pTrumpet hyTech mouthpiece?

How do I clean the pTrumpet hyTech?

pBone Care & Maintenance

pBone FAQs

Read these pBone problem-solvers to help you get back to playing your instrument. If you've got a pBone Mini, this advice can help you as well.

Should the pBone slide be lubricated?

How do I run in the pBone slide?

How do I clean a pBone?

What is the black liquid coming from the pBone slide?

I find the slide and bell section on my pBone/pBone mini can’t be pushed together all the way. How can I fix this?

How do I clean pInstrument mouthpieces?

What is the bore size on the pBone?

pBuzz Care & Maintenance

pBuzz FAQs

Keep your pBuzz in perfect working order with these handy pointers.

How do I clean a pBuzz?

How do I install a pBuzz insert?

How do I clean pInstrument mouthpieces?

pBugle Care & Maintenance

pBugle FAQs

Make your pBugle a lean, clean, beginner brass machine with these maintenance tips. 

How do I clean a pBugle?

How do I clean pInstrument mouthpieces?

Still need some help?

If you can't find an answer to your query in our FAQs, head to our Support page. Simply fill in the form with your instrument info and the problem that you're facing, and we'll be in touch!

You can also find more articles about keeping your instruments looking and sounding great in our Discover area.

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