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The world's bestselling trombone.

Lightweight, built-to-last, and perfect for starting your trombone journey.

Colourful, carbon-neutral, at a quarter of the cost of a beginner brass trombone.

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Why pBone?

The instrument that started it all.

The sound and feel of a traditional brass trombone, in a super lightweight design. Easy to maintain, the tough ABS construction can stand up to the rigours of the classroom and beyond. 

pBone is the affordable trombone played by beginner musicians around the world.

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Learn the pBone Way

pBone is a Bb trombone that packs all of the sound and playability of a brass instrument into a design that weighs just 800g (1.8 lbs). Despite the lightweight construction, pBone is durable and easier to maintain and repair than a brass trombone.

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Pick Your Colour

With 9 bright colours to choose from, there's a pBone for everyone. Keeping your pBone looking great is easy can even wash the mouthpieces in the dishwasher! The antimicrobial technology even helps to stop nasty bacteria from getting in the way of trombone practice. 

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Everything You Need

pBone comes complete with a sustainable, fabric carry bag for players on the move. 6.5AL and 11C small shank plastic mouthpieces are included, along with a two-year warranty. There are also stacks of free resources, to give trombone beginners everything they need to get started.

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pBone was awarded the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation in 2019. There have been other accolades, including NAMM Best in Show in 2012.

See and hear pBone!

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Rich trombone sound. 9 colours to choose from. The 21st-century trombone.

How to Buy pBone

Find pBone wherever you shop for instruments.


sustainable trombone

A carbon-neutral trombone

The lightweight design of pBone doesn't just make it an ideal fit for beginner brass players: it's part of what makes it sustainable too.

Like all of our pInstruments, pBone is carbon-neutral and easily recyclable, and a lighter instrument means a smaller carbon footprint than traditional trombones. Our ABS design also requires fewer emissions than manufacturing brass instruments, and we are committed to offsetting our additional carbon. 


Highlights from the Durham Brass Festival in 2017.

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Is pBone difficult to maintain?

Does pBone sound like a brass trombone?

How do beginners get started with pBone?


Pick up a new passion with pBone

pBone removes the barriers that children face when learning to play an instrument. It is lightweight, affordable, and allows all children to progress faster. 


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