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Music starts here.

pBuzz gives young children the chance to discover music and develop the techniques for playing a brass instrument.

Trusted by teachers across the globe, pBuzz is supported by free expert resources to help children start their music journey.

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Why pBuzz?

pBuzz is a whole new instrument, designed to give kids their first taste of making music.

pBuzz helps children to develop their brass playing skills, focussing on the fundamentals to help more kids progress onto instruments like trombones and trumpets.

Lightweight, affordable, and supported by our award-winning results.

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Create a Buzz

Why pBuzz? Buzzing is an important technique for brass musicians. pBuzz introduces this technique in a fun, simple way. It can also help children with the slide technique found in trombones, breathing and posture, and the basics of making music.

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Everything You Need

Every pBuzz comes with an antimicrobial mouthpiece, a two-year warranty, and access to our pBuzz resources. From how-to-play guides to information on taking care of your pBuzz, we've got everything to help little learners progress.

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Pick Up and Play

The simple slide on pBuzz comes with our colour chart, to help kids identify their notes. It is robust enough to survive rough treatment and the antimicrobial mouthpiece can even be cleaned in the dishwasher!

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Whole Class Learning

The lightweight design of pBuzz makes it ideal for children of ages 3 and up, and a great option for SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) pupils. pBuzz programmes in schools provide a whole-class instrument learning scheme that can even be delivered by non-musicians!

See and hear pBuzz!

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Colourful and quirky. Designed for little hands with big potential. Buzzworthy.

How to Buy pBuzz

Find pBuzz wherever you shop for instruments.


Sustainable Musical Instrument

The sustainable starter brass tool

pBuzz is a first: an entirely new instrument that gives kids their start in music. It's also carbon-neutral.

Creating instruments out of plastic might not seem sustainable, but the process required to make traditional brass instruments requires lots of energy. It also uses nasty materials like lead and nickel.

pBuzz is carbon-free and recyclable and we offset any additional carbon. 


Highlights from the Durham Brass Festival in 2017.

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What key is pBuzz pitched in?

Who is pBuzz for?

How can kids get started with pBuzz?


Let's get buzzing!

pBuzz gives kids the excitement and engagement of music from a young age. It provides all the benefits of making music from a young age, and for some children, can help them progress to playing brass or other instruments. 


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