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Yamaha YDS-120

Play the saxophone your way with the YDS-120 from Yamaha.

Learn with accessible and adaptable digital sax that can help all children unleash their potential.

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Why the Yamaha YDS-120?

Say hello to the student saxophone of the future.

Flexible, configurable and accessible for more learners, the YDS-120 is the ultimate digital saxophone for the classroom.

Change up the fingering with the YDS Controller app, play alto, soprano, tenor, and baritone sax with one instrument, connect to a smartphone or external speaker, or practice with headphones...the possibilities are endless!

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Breathtaking Brilliance

The YDS-120 features an innovative breath sensor that detects pressure and helps players articulate. The specially designed mouthpiece can produce a sound for beginners struggling with embouchure.

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Choose Your Sound

Players can pick from a massive 56 different voices for baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano sax. Adding in the other instrument sounds increases to 73 unique ways for students to make themselves heard. 

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Connect and Create

Whatever the individual needs of your students, the YDS-120 can be configured to help them perform and progress. Using the app, you can change the fingering, switch sounds and customise the playing experience for learners.

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Authentic and Accessible

The key layout on the YDS-120 mirrors Yamaha's acoustic saxophones but can be customised and configured to suit all players. The sounds are sampled from real Yamaha saxophones too, giving performers premium sounds in one instrument.

See and hear the Yamaha YDS-120!

Yamaha YDS-120 Gallery

Digital for all. The student saxophone with a symphony of sounds. The innovative, inclusive instrument for the modern classroom.

How to Buy Yamaha YDS-120

Buy YDS-120 from pBone Music


Digital sax for music education

The smart classroom saxophone!

The YDS-120 gives music educators more options than ever before to deliver saxophone lessons.

With so many configurations and adaptations right at your fingertips through the dedicated app, teachers can help all students find their sax sound.

The YDS-120 is part of the Progressive Instrument Pathway, created by pBone Music to take learners on a journey from beginner whole-class to premium instruments from Yamaha with an inclusive and holistic approach. 



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What type of sax is the YDS-120?

Who is the YDS-120 suited for?

How do I use the YDS controller app?

Yamaha YDS-120

Make music your way with the Yamaha Digital Sax!

Students can choose their sounds and adapt how they play and perform with the YDS-120, the innovative digital saxophone from Yamaha. All of the feel and finesse of a premium Yamaha instrument in one accessible package that can transform music lessons.