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The bestselling trumpet for beginners.

Lightweight, robust, and easy to maintain: it's the sound and feel of a brass trumpet at a fraction of the weight and price.

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Why pTrumpet?

pTrumpet is designed with young learners and beginners in mind.

At less than half the weight of a traditional brass trumpet, kids can kickstart their trumpet journey. There's no need for you to worry about expensive repairs and maintenance either: pTrumpet is made from tough ABS, so it can survive the rockstar treatment.

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Authentic. Accessible. Affordable.

A Bb trumpet that sounds and plays like a traditional brass trumpet. The lightweight, ergonomic design means that all beginners can practise the trumpet for longer. All for around a third of the price of a brass beginner trumpet.

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Show Your Colours

pTrumpet is available in 8 bold colours to suit your style. It ships with a fabric bag to keep your instrument looking smooth on the move, along with two mouthpieces. 

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Built to Last

A two-year warranty is included with pTrumpet, with spare parts available. Like all of our pInstruments, pTrumpet is fully-recyclable and carbon-neutral. 

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Trusted by Teachers

pTrumpet can be found in classrooms around the world. The lightweight, robust design means kids can go from Mozart to Mariachi and everything in between. pTrumpet is also a breeze to clean and manufactured with antimicrobial additives to keep bacteria at bay.

See and hear pTrumpet!

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8 vivid colours. An innovative design. The trumpet reimagined.

How to Buy pTrumpet

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sustainable trumpet

The Sustainable Trumpet for Beginners

Can a plastic trumpet really be sustainable?

It can if it's a pTrumpet.

Our pInstruments are carbon-neutral, have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional brass models, and are fully recyclable. We also offset our carbon to support projects across the globe, including reforestation efforts in Kenya. 


Jon Holland, Section Leader Trumpet of City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra plays pTrumpet.

The lowdown on pTrumpet


How do I take care of the pTrumpet?

Is a plastic trumpet a toy?

How do I get started with pTrumpet?


The Smart Start to Playing the Trumpet

pTrumpet gives beginners the sound and feel of a brass trumpet, with a lightweight design that gives all children the chance to progress. 

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