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Music theory for kids


The innovative way to teach children how to read music.

Portable and packed with features to make creating chords and sounds a breeze.

Supported by resources that make learning fun.

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Why Soundbops?

Soundbops introduces all children to the joy of creating sounds and making music.

Each colourful bop represents a different note. Children can stack these bops to create chords. They then press down on the tactile buttons to produce a sound from one of the ten different MIDI instruments. It's simple and smart: it's Soundbops. 

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The Portable Primary Instrument

Soundbops is lightweight and battery-powered, making it a great option for the classroom and the home. There's a built-in speaker and even a headphone port for silent practice!

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Intuitive and Innovative

Soundbops turns complex musical ideas into activities that can be enjoyed by all children aged three and up. The ergonomic, intuitive buttons and bops give all kids a fun introduction to making music.

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Get Started Sooner!

Soundbops ships with a colourful book that gives parents and educators all the resources they need to start their children's musical journey. There is also a carry-case to keep Soundbops safe and sound.

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Soundbops in Schools

Soundbops gives teachers the chance to distil complex musical ideas in a way that all children can enjoy. Accessible and affordable for whole-class activities, it can also be used for one-to-one sessions too!

See and hear Soundbops!

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Colourful and quirky. Portable and packed with features. Music theory minus the fear factor.

How to Buy Soundbops

Find Soundbops exclusively at Amazon UK.

Musical Instruments for SEND Children

Soundbops is designed to make music inclusive for all.

Because Soundbops is so adaptable, it can be used in a wide range of school settings. Soundbops is lightweight and easily moved from the classroom to the home. In schools in Scotland, it has been used to give children with additional support needs (ASN) the chance to start their musical journey.

Pupils in Glasgow, Scotland use Soundbops in their class.

The lowdown on Soundbops


How does Soundbops work?

Are there more Soundbops books available?

Is Soundbops just for preschoolers?


The starter instrument for preschoolers

Soundbops gives every child the chance to create their first sounds while exploring the core skills of reading music in a truly innovative way.