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pBone Stripes: Free Beginner Trombone Course

Learn to Play Trombone

Learn how to play trombone with Liam Kirkman, the former president of the British Trombone Society. Everything from playing your first trombone notes through to trombone slide positions and finger charts in a series of easy-to-follow video lessons.

Welcome, to pBone Stripes.

Check out the free videos and work your way up to becoming a true trombonist by earning your very first Stripe! You can also unlock a 25% discount on the next three Stripes at Music Gurus using the discount code JIGGS25.

Get started with pBone in this first video lesson from Liam Kirkman

pBone Stripes: Lesson Two

Basic precautions to take with your new trombone

In this lesson, Liam points out a few things to watch out for with your new trombone – including how to care for it and to prevent damage.

pBone is robust, but here are some pointers to prevent damage.

pBone Stripes: Lesson Three

Packing up your pBone!

In this lesson, Liam shows you how to dissassemble your pBone.

Learn how to disassemble pBone in this video lesson.

pBone Stripes: Lesson Four

How to hold a trombone

Liam shows you the proper posture for trombone playing and how to hold the trombone correctly.

Work on mastering the correct trombone posture in this lesson.

pBone Stripes: Lesson Five

How to hold a trombone slide

In this video, Liam tells you all about the trombone slide and demonstrates how to hold it properly.

Slide into trombone playing with these top tips.

pBone Stripes: Lesson Six

Breathing for trombone playing

Breathing is one of the most important parts of trombone playing. In this video, Liam demonstrates how to breathe correctly.

Learn about the important of breathing in your trombone playing.

pBone Stripes: Lesson Seven

Playing your first note on a trombone

Following up on the last lesson, Liam shows you how to play your first note on your trombone.

Posture set? Breathing good? Let's make that first note!

pBone Stripes: Lesson Eight

Trombone buzzing practice

A great exercise for learning to breathe and blow in the trombone is to practice using the mouthpiece. Liam shows you how it’s done.

Practice your buzzing skills in this video lesson.

pBone Stripes: Lesson Nine

Playing long notes on the trombone

In this video, Liam practices playing long notes with you. Play like Liam with the Funky Backing Track.

After completing this lesson, you have officially earned your very first pBone Stripe - congratulations, rockstar!

Remember, if you want to continue your learning with Liam, help yourself to 25% off the complete pBone Stripes course with the discount code JIGGS25.