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Venova YVS-100

The winds are changing.

Play and progress to saxophone the accessible Venova way.

Lightweight, robust, and easy to maintain: the Venova YVS-100 from Yamaha is a perfect fit for the classroom.

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Why Venova YVS-100?

The Venova YVS-100 reinvents the way that children learn to play the saxophone.

Simplified recorder-style fingering, lightweight and easy to handle, players can start their musical journey sooner.

The YVS-100 is a soprano model in the key of C and packs the premium Yamaha sound into a portable instrument.

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Venova to You!

Venova is the ideal introduction to learning a wind instrument. Designed with little hands in mind, the YVS-100 is a soprano wind instrument in C that is lightweight and accessible. Supported with the included Let's Play Venova guide, the sky is the limit!

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Easy to Maintain

The YVS-100 makes instrument care completely care-free! No expensive repairs or meddlesome can even run the Venova under the tap to keep it clean!

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Music for All

The Venova weighs just 180g (0.4 lbs), making it an accessible and adaptable choice for the inclusive classroom. And with the authentic mouthpiece - equivalent to a Yamaha 4C for soprano saxophone - it puts kids on the progressive pathway. 

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Get Carried Away

Included with the YVS-100 are a cleaning swab, synthetic reed, and a stylish carry-case with a strap that makes heading from the classroom to concerts a breeze.

See and hear Venova YVS-100!

Venova YVS-100 Gallery

The simply sophisticated starter sax. The recorder redefined. The classroom wind instrument that blows away the competition.

How to Buy Venova YVS-130

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Inclusive instruments for education

Start saxophone sooner!

The YVS-100 allows educators to deliver whole-class saxophone starter lessons.

Build on the techniques of beginner recorder classes with the simplified fingering system, and build the skillset of your pupils with an authentic mouthpiece.

Constructed from hard-wearing yet ultra-light ABS, the YVS-100 can stand up to the demands of the classroom. Simple to clean, store, and maintain, affordable and accessible for the whole-class learning environment.


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What key is the YVS-100 in?

How do I clean the Venova YVS-100?

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Yamaha Venova YVS-100

Transform whole-cass wind with the YVS-100!

The Venova YVS-100 from Yamaha gives all learners the chance to start their musical journey. Lightweight, accessible, and perfect for the classroom, the VYS-100 can help children develop their wind skills in a fun and simple way.