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Keyboards for Beginners

Keyboards from pBone Music

From preschool MIDI keyboards to portable pianos. Instruments to innovate and inspire. Keyboards for kids and learners on the go.

Keyboard instruments that strike a chord!

Beginning our musical journey in brass, we are excited to share our instruments designed for budding keyboard players and mini musicians. 
keyboard instruments for kids

MIDI instruments for mini music-makers

Soundbops packs the power of music technology into a compact, kid-friendly design. It also introduces young learners to the basics of chords and notation. Carry-on 49 Key can fold away and allow learners to take their instrument home. That means more chances to perfect those scales or rock out with the selection of sounds.

The key questions


If you want to know your bops from your Bach, we are here to give you the lowdown on our keyboard instruments.

Where can I buy Soundbops?

Does Carry-on need batteries?

Can I get in touch if I have any problems with Soundbops or Carry-on?