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Music technology for everyone.

The innovative MIDI controller for the modern classroom, supported by a wide range of educational resources.

Play it your way: connect, control, and create with CMPSR from Digit Music.

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CMPSR puts the power of music in all your students' hands.

Shift the expressive joystick, play the 8 RGB pads, and feel the beat with haptic feedback. 

Connect to a Bluetooth device, open your DAW, and let your students create the music they love. No cables, no adaptors or plugs, no fuss.

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Audio meets Arcade

Players have complete control using the gamer-style joystick. The velocity-sensitive movements can be used to play notes and chords, while the haptic feedback engine allows mini-musicians to experience every note. Customise, control, and capture with the RGB pads, making complex chords feel like child's play. 

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Designed for Everyone

CMPSR is portable, handheld, and designed for all kinds of musicians. For teachers building a classroom that supports digital inclusion, CMPSR unlocks technology in a truly accessible way.

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Targetted Resources

Arrownotes give everyone from tech-savvy teachers to non-musicians the tools they need to deliver music lessons. CMPSR is supported by an ever-growing collection of educational resources, including notation and videos, to give all students the chance to perform and progress.

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Made in the UK

Concered about quality and sustainability with your instrument procurement? Fear not. CMPSR is a premium instrument, designed and hand-built in Derby, England by a skilled team of music maestros and audio experts. 

See and hear CMPSR!

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The fun and functional joystick. Handbuilt for little hands. Tactile technology for all learners.

How to Buy CMPSR

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Inclusive instruments for education

Let's get Digital!

The ergonomic, flexible design of CMPSR makes it an inclusive choice for the classroom.

Whatever the age, ability, or accessibility requirements of your pupils, CMPSR brings the joy of music to everyone. Supported by Arrownotes - a notation system that uses colour, shape and, direction to empower non-specialist teachers - CMPSR matches innovation with inclusion.

CMPSR is proud to hold the Tech4Good Accessibility Award, along with Computer Music’s Innovation Award 2023. 

If you want to learn more about CMPSR, why not book a free hands-on demo?

Digit Music are also the brains behind a number of industry-quality sample packs, many designed to give children a deeper understanding of music technology and the narratives of creating music across the world. Check out the free taster pack.


Take a look at this educational workshop featuring CMPSR in the summer of 2023.

The lowdown on CMPSR


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Transform your teaching with CMPSR

CMPSR makes playing, learning, and teaching music smart, simple, and suitable for all students. With stacks of features, portability, effortless connectivity, and expert teaching resources, CMPSR makes audio accessible.