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pTrumpet hyTech

The intermediate trumpet, innovated.

Metal and polymer combine for the ultimate lightweight, robust trumpet for students.

A professional sound without the premium price tag.

Product Info

Why pTrumpet hyTech?

pTrumpet hyTech is the student trumpet that brings together the innovation of our ABS starter trumpet and the classic features of a quality brass instrument.

Accesible for younger learners or the ideal touring trumpet for pro players travelling light, pTrumpet hyTech can take you from the classroom to the concert hall and beyond.

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(Not So) Heavy Metal

pTrumpet hyTech uses stainless steel and aluminium components in key areas to give a rich sound and feel. The main body is made from tough, lightweight ABS: perfect for students or players on the go.

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In the Black

The sleek black design of pTrumpet hyTech is sure to turn heads, while costing around a quarter of the price of traditional intermediate trumpets. 

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The Premium Package

To keep your pTrumpet hyTech looking fresh, a quality padded gig bag is included, along with a silver-plated 7c mouthpiece. You'll also receive a two-year warranty and access to our educational resources.

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pTrumpet hyTech is loaded with features that make it a great fit for students, schools, and even studios. Antimicrobial additives in our design can protect against harmful bacteria, the patented hybrid leadpipe design brings ABS and metal together, in a trumpet that weighs just 650g (1.4lb).

See and hear pTrumpet hyTech!

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A modern classic. Black, bold, built-to-last brass. The grown-up student trumpet. 

How to Buy pTrumpet hyTech

Find pTrumpet hyTech wherever you shop for instruments.

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sustainable student trumpet

Stylish and sustainable

pTrumpet hyTech is not your typical trumpet. 

The manufacturing process for traditional brass instruments involves nasty materials like nickel and lead, along with lots of energy. Our ABS design means less emissions and a fully-recyclable musical instrument. In fact, pTrumpet hyTech, like all of our pInstruments, is carbon-neutral. 


Gabriel Hasselbach performs on the pTrumpet hyTech with Miles Black.

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pTrumpet hyTech

The ultimate trumpet for students

pTrumpet hyTech gives players great sound, portability, and a cool look. It delivers all the quality of the competition at a fraction of the price.