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The beginner cornet of choice for students around the world.

pCornet gives the traditional cornet a lightweight, maintenance-free, colourful makeover. 

Designed for all children, robust, and affordable too: pCornet costs around a third of the price of a starter brass cornet.

Product Info

Why pCornet?

pCornet gives beginner brass players the best route to progression.

pCornet is ideal for younger learners. It is easy to hold and play, with a weight of just 500g (1.1 lbs) and is supported by our expert educational resources.

It makes a compact yet supremely robust and easy-to-maintain cornet for experienced players too!


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Cornet for Kids

pCornet has been designed with younger players in mind. The compact design is perfect for little hands, shorter in length than a traditional cornet and much lighter.

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Colour Your Cornet

pCornet is available in red or blue colours, giving players a chance to express themselves. It's easy to keep it looking shiny too: you can clean the exterior with warm, soapy water!

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The Complete Package

Every pCornet comes with two mouthpieces (2B and 4B, although it is also compatible with any regular cornet mouthpiece) and a soft cloth bag. There is also access to an array of supporting online learning resources.

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First Cornet, Then Trumpet?

The cornet plays in a very similar way to the trumpet and is also pitched in Bb. The lightweight but robust pCornet makes this pathway even more smoother - which is why pCornet is trusted by educators across the globe.

See and hear pCornet!

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Compact and colourful. Warm brass sound, lightweight ABS design. The beginner cornet of choice.

How to Buy

Find pCornet wherever you shop for instruments.


Sustainable Instruments

All of the cornet, less of the carbon

pCornet has a compact size...and a smaller carbon footprint than brass cornets.

The process to manufacture brass cornets can involve some rather nasty materials like nickel and lead. Our ABS design requires less energy to manufacture, is lighter for transport, and it's fully recyclable too. 

Like all of our pInstruments, pCornet is proud to be carbon-neutral. As a company, we also offset our carbon through a number of projects.


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Beginner brass with pCornet

pCornet gives everyone from children to cornet veterans a brilliant playing experience. Compact, robust, lightweight and fun, pCornet can kickstart the brass journey.