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Keyboard for Schools

Carry-on 49 Key

The space-saving digital piano that's perfect for the classroom.

Lightweight, wireless, and with a unique folding design, the Carry-on 49 Key is the ideal fit for whole-class keyboard lessons.

Designed by the amplification experts at Blackstar, the Carry-on 49 Key is packed with premium features.

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Why Choose the Carry-on 49 Key?

Carry-on 49 Key is the ultimate portable piano from Blackstar.

Weighing just 1 kg (2.2 lbs), Carry-on 49 Key puts an end to bulky digital pianos, tangled wires and storage troubles. The folding design and rechargeable battery mean that kids can play in the classroom and even continue their learning at home, with a premier keyboard that can fit in their school bag.

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Play Your Way

The rechargeable USB battery in the Carry-on 49 Key gives learners up to 8 hours of play on a single charge. No messy cables, no fuss: just unfold and let the lesson begin.

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Small Footprint, Mighty Sound

The Carry-on 49 might be portable, but any instrument designed by Blackstar is sure to come with a quality sound. Along with the built-in speakers, players can connect to an external amp, or use headphones for silent practice. There's even MIDI connectivity via USB!

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What a Carry-on!

There are 128 voices, 128 accompaniments, a transpose function, a metronome, an octave range, tempo adjust and even a sustain pedal included with the Carry-on 49 Key. All in a design that takes up just 39 cm (15 in) when folded.

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The Whole-Class Keyboard

Teachers across the UK are utilising the Carry-on 49 Key in the classroom. Whole-class keyboard lessons can be a logistical challenge: messy cables, bulky instruments that require sharing and storage issues. With the Carry-on 49 Key, teachers can fit an entire class set of quality, wireless keyboards in their car!

See and hear the Carry-on 49 Key!

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The portable piano. Fold it, play it, teach on the go. The whole-class keyboard.

How to Buy the Carry-on 49 Key

The Carry-on 49 Key is available for educators and consumers from pBone Music.


Carry-on 49 Key for Schools

The Portable Piano for the Modern Classroom

The Carry-on 49 Key is the ideal solution for busy teachers who want to get the most from keyboard lessons.

The folding design means that whole-class lessons can be delivered, giving all children the chance to learn. The wireless technology and connectivity options reduce and give students the chance to engage with technology. And the portable design means that kids can continue their learning at home. 

This means more progression, more inclusion, and more fulfilling music lessons.

Educator StoryKate shares how Carry-on has transformed keyboard lessons.

The lowdown on the Carry-on 49 Key


How does the Carry-on 49 Key fold?

Can the Carry-on 49 Key connect to computers and tablets?

How do I charge the Carry-on 49 Key?

Carry-on 49 Key

The portable piano for pupil progression

The Carry-on 49 Key Folding Piano gives keyboard students the chance to take their learning further. Space-saving in the classroom and lightweight and feature-packed to continue playing those scales and arpeggios at home.

A child playing the Carry-on 49 Key folding piano outdoors.