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Recorder for Schools


The recorder reimagined.

Anti-microbial and easy to clean. Carbon-neutral and fully recyclable. All in a sustainable box for life.

pCorder: the classic classroom instrument designed by the beginner music experts.

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Product Info

Why pCorder?

pCorder is blown by the winds of change.

Carbon-neutral, hygienic, and easy to clean and maintain, pCorder sounds as sweet as it is sustainable. Designed and made in the UK, it is the perfect portable beginner instrument for young children.

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Good Clean Fun!

pCorder is the world's first antimicrobial recorder. Using Polygiene BioMaster, pCorder is protected from microbial cross-contamination from hands and contact with other surfaces. It even prevents bad odours developing inside the instrument!

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Easy to Maintain

pCorder is antimicrobial...and also anti-fuss! Simple to clean and maintain, and robust to survive those inevitable drops. And for added protection, pCorder comes with an unbeatable three year warranty.

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Rich, Sweet Sound

The curved windway and unique labium design give pCorder an expressive tone that punches above its price point. 

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Totally Tubular!

pCorder is the world's first fully-recyclable and carbon-neutral recorder. It also ships in a sustainable tube that doubles as a carry-case for the instrument. There's even space for your little learner to write their name!

See pCorder!

pCorder Gallery

Curved windway appeal. Sustainable and sleek. The recorder just got the red carpet treatment.

How to Buy pCorder

Find pCorder wherever you shop for instruments.


Carbon-neutral, fully recyclable recorder

pCorder does not just sound good: it's good for the planet too.

Recorders are one of the most popular plastic musical instruments. That's why we use ABS plastic which is easy to recycle. We also ensure that pCorder and our pInstrument range are carbon-neutral, supporting a number of sustainable initiatives to offset additional carbon.

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The lowdown on pCorder


How does the anitmicrobial technology work?

How do I get started with pCorder?

What type of recorder is pCorder?


The carbon-neutral classroom recorder

pCorder gives beginners a lightweight, robust, sweet-sounding recorder that's ideal for learning at home or in the classroom. It's hygienic, and sustainable, and comes with a three-year warranty for peace of mind.