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Modern Band Instruments

Strike up the band!

Many great rock bands have incorporated horn sections into their music.

They do it for the punch, for the sound, for the color it gives each song. That's why pBone Music has created the best of the horn licks for almost any type of rock music. You don’t even have to know how to read music! 

pBone and pTrumpet are ideally suited to working in a Modern Band classroom setting. They are easy to play, maintain, and store, and they're robust and built to last. Our goal is to make quality wind and brass instruments that are accessible and fun. That makes them a great fit for educators like you.

Modern Band for Everyone

Modern Band x BrassTabs

Modern Band programs are well-known for teaching music without traditional notation. We wanted a quick and simple way to help pupils join in with these styles of music, mainly by ear. We wanted to create material that is useful in an informal learning setting and that needed no traditional music reading skills. That is why we created BrassTabs.

BrassTabs is not a method or a “how to play a brass instrument”. It is not a direct replacement for traditional notation or trombone slide charts. It is designed to help teachers make brass playing more fun and to quickly engage a wider range of pupils in learning music.

BrassTabs are intended for use with the original tracks. It can also be utilized in a band setting as an aid to playing by ear.

Adding pBone to your Modern Band Ensemble