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pBone mini

Start your trombone journey sooner.

Designed for young learners, pBone mini packs a rich brass sound into a portable instrument.

Pick from blue or red finishes and have fun with our free learning resources.

Product Info

Why pBone mini?

pBone mini brings the award-winning design of our full-size trombone into a compact instrument that is ideal for kids.

Pitched in Eb, pBone mini gives children the chance to hone their trombone technique. Weighing just 500g (1.1 lbs), children can practise for longer and progress faster.

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pBone mini, Maximum Quality

pBone mini shares a lot in common with our award-winning pBone. The patented design gives players the sound of a brass trombone at a fraction of the weight. The tough ABS construction means that drops and tumbles won't lead to expensive repairs, all for an affordable price.

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The Ideal Introduction

The bright blue or red pBone mini gives kids a colourful and fun introduction to the world of musical instruments. Our free learning resources give beginners and those without any musical experience everything they need to help kids get started on their journey.

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Music on the Go

Kids can take their pBone mini to music lessons in style with the fabric carry bag. Also included is a small shank plastic mouthpiece, all backed by our two-year warranty. 

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Squeaky Clean

Cleaning and looking after pBone mini is a breeze. Soapy water will do the trick, and you can even run the mouthpiece through the dishwasher. Still worried about germs? The antimicrobial design helps to keep bacteria away from music-making.

See and hear pBone mini!

pBone Mini Gallery

Small but mighty. Available in blue and red. Lightweight design, heavyweight sound.

How to Buy

Find pBone mini wherever you shop for instruments.


Sustainable Trombone for Beginners

Surprisingly sustainable

pBone mini might be small but it's another instrument making a big difference to the environment.

Creating instruments from ABS may not seem like a sustainable choice, but our entire range of instruments is carbon-neutral.

We continue to offset any additional carbon and pBone Mini is completely recyclable. So as well as making more mini-musicians, we are playing our part that they play music in a greener world.


Highlights from the Durham Brass Festival in 2017.

The lowdown on pBone Mini


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How can beginners get started with pBone mini?

pbone mini

Making more mini-musicians

pBone mini allows more children to start sooner with their musical journey. pBone mini is easy to pick up in every sense of the word and gives kids the chance to experience the joy of playing a brass instrument.