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Venova YVS-120

Step up to saxophone with the Venova Alto from Yamaha.

Super light, simple to play, designed to aid progress to alto saxophone.

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Why Venova YVS-100?

The Venova YVS-120 is the new way to learn to play the alto sax.

Lightweight, easy to clean and store, the Venova is the ideal beginner instrument for the classroom. Simplified recorder-style fingering, lightweight and easy to handle, players can start their musical journey sooner. 

The YVS-120 model is an alto model pitched in the key of F.

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Progressive Wind Pathway

The YVS-100  forms part of the Progressive Instrument Pathway for wind. These instruments have been selected to empower more children in their music learning, introducing the right solutions at the right time.

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Clean Sound

Venova instruments sound fantastic...and they're also simple to look after and maintain. Busy music teachers can run the instruments under the tap for a fuss-free experience!

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Reed the Room

Whole-class wind lessons can lead to better players and more progression. The Venova YVS-120 gives kids the best preparation, with an authentic 4c alto sax mouthpiece and a high-quality synthetic resin reed for excellent playability. 

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Alto and Beyond

Each YVS-120 ships with a cleaning swab, synthetic reed, mouthpiece, and handy case, along with the Let's Play Venova guide. The instruments are compact and easy to store for classroom use and are supported with further resources from Yamaha and Hal Leonard.

See and hear Venova YVS-120!

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The accessible alto. The new way to turn students into saxophonists. The innovative wind instrument for the classroom. 

How to Buy Venova YVS-120

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Inclusive instruments for education

Start saxophone sooner!

The YVS-120 allows wind specialists to deliver whole-class learning.

With all the quality you'd expect from Yamaha in an affordable package, Venova builds on beginner music lessons to bridge the gap between the recorder and the saxophone.

Give more children the chance to play and learn together, and build a strong foundation for progression with Yamaha and pBone Music.



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Yamaha Venova YVS-120

Advance your alto sax learning with the YVS-120!

The Venova YVS-120 from Yamaha reimagines wind lessons for beginners. Educators can take recorder techniques and aid progression to the alto sax with this quality, robust, beginner wind instrument for the classroom.