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Trumpet for kids


Children can start their trumpet journey sooner with pBugle.

A fun, lightweight, affordable instrument for kids who are creating their first sounds.

pBugle puts the fun in fundamentals and aids musical progression.

Product Info

Why pBugle?

pBugle gives young learners the chance to experience the joy of making music. 

Designed for children, pBugle is a musical toy that delivers the techniques needed to progress to the trumpet. 

pBugle is robust yet lightweight,  affordable, and backed up by our expert learning resources.

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Seriously Simple Fun

pBugle is essentially a trumpet that can develop authentic beginner brass skills, without the complication of learning to play valves. It is pitched in Bb, comes with a 7c mouthpiece and is the ideal starter trumpet.

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Ultra Light, Super Strong

pBugle weighs just 500g (0.5 lbs), making it suitable for all young children. It is also designed with our robust ABS. In fact, pBugle is manufactured with antimicrobial additives to help kill harmful bacteria...and it's carbon-neutral and fully recyclable too!

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Make Learning Fun

pBugle may be fun but it helps children develop some serious musical skills! And with our free educational resources, parents and educators can give kids everything they need to get started.

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The Teaching Toy

Like our beginner brass instrument pBuzz, pBugle is a perfect fit for whole-class instrument learning. It is lightweight, robust, easy to clean and is a great intro instrument for trumpet. 

See and hear pBugle!

pBugle Gallery

Regal and red. Simple, stylish, with a sound that soars. All the fun of the fanfare.

How to Buy pBugle

Find pBugle wherever you shop for instruments.


Sustainable toys for kids

Building a better future for mini musicians

pBugle is all about having fun and encouraging young children to explore their musical passion.

But as manufacturers of instruments made from ABS plastic, we understand our responsibility to the environment. That's why all of our pInstruments are carbon-neutral and fully recyclable. We also offset any additional carbon through a number of outreach projects that support sustainable causes.


Highlights from the Durham Brass Festival in 2017.

The lowdown on pBugle


What key is pBugle pitched in?

What is a bugle?

How can kids get started with pBugle?


The pBugle is calling!

pBugle can kickstart the musical journey for young children.

Teaching trumpet techniques in a fun and streamlined way, pBugle introduces kids to the joy of making music.