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trumpet comeback video series

Getting Back Into Trumpet Playing

Ready to rediscover the joy of trumpet playing? Grant Golding, seasoned trumpeter and compassionate teacher, brings to you Recover - Getting Back Intro Trumpet Playing.

This compelling series of ten videos, drawing from Grant's own remarkable comeback from a severe mountaineering accident. This series isn't just about notes and techniques; it's a heartening guide to help trumpeters navigate the journey back to music after a hiatus caused by illness, injury, or simply a pause in practice.

Designed for trumpeters of every skill level and age, Recover offers not just lessons but a companion in your musical restoration. Whether you're grappling with the aftermath of illness, dealing with respiratory challenges, or picking up the trumpet after a break, these videos are your stepping stones back to confidence and capability.

Ideal for any learning context – be it solo, group classes, or even distance learning – Grant's insights ensure that good technique and soulful playing remain at the heart of your return.

Get ready to breathe new life into your trumpet playing with Recover.